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Discover what it is like to work with me as a therapist, a clinical consultant and supervisor from real-life patients and clients. Names and identifying information are not included to maintain confidentiality. If you would like to share your experience or feedback, then you may contact me directly or use the form below.

Reviews: Testimonials

" My daughter began seeing Lindsey after being diagnosed with a rare, incurable, genetic condition. When she first began with Lindsey, she struggled with her diagnosis, especially communicating with us. The frustration and isolation left her feeling suicidal and hopeless. As a mother, I felt helpless. However, I felt at ease knowing that Lindsey’s kindness, compassion, and empathy created a safe place for my daughter to face her diagnosis. With Lindsey’s help, my daughter now has coping mechanisms for her bad days and is able to communicate her feelings and needs, so we are better able to help her. We absolutely love Lindsey! "

" I couldn’t ask for a better therapist than Lindsey! For years, I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks after my close-friend was violently murder*d. Lindsey’s empathy, patience, and compassion create a safe place to unpack memories I spent years pushing down. I love her collaborative approach and how well she accepts feedback— what I feel is helping and what isn’t— to adapt her tools and techniques to find the right, customized approach that works for me. Together, we built a toolkit to manage my mental health. My once debilitating symptoms are finally well-controlled thanks to my work with Lindsey! I highly, HIGHLY recommend her!! "

"Lindsey Jensen helped me get over years of trauma. I am so grateful!"

"Lindsey was the Clinical Director at our group practice, and she was a great clinical supervisor!   Her experience and expertise in the field really helped me grow and build my confidence as a clinician. "

"I love everything there possibly is to love here! Lindsey has been the most amazing asset to my "process" with her knowledge, therapy style and not forgetting to mention.....BRAIN-SPOTTING. Fantastic practice that I continue to recommend to any and everyone that may need someone to talk to!!!"

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